Life Lessons: The Power of Self Care

Life Lessons
May 22, 2020

“Through the chaos, we must continue to live.”

As I venture through the internet to escape my inner thoughts my ambitious plan to distract myself backfires. I see fear, sadness, anxiety… I understand those feelings in the midst of the chaos right now. To my healthcare friends, I am so incredibly proud and thankful for each of you. I understand that now is the time for hope, service, kindness, and love. I will not venture into the rabbit hole of doom and despair. It isn’t worth it. Trust me. You cannot borrow trouble. You cannot change nor control the outcome.

To those who are struggling, worried they will lose their jobs or income, a means to provide for their family… I am here. I understand. I feel your anxiety, your worry, your concern, your fear… for how you’ll make ends meet. As I too understand this fear all too well.

Lately I haven’t felt compelled or motivated to write. I’m sure you all can see where I’m going with this… after all, this post is supposed to be about self-care… But isn’t funny how difficult it is for those who care so much for others are utterly inept at focusing on themselves. Being a priority doesn’t mean you are selfish or only focus on yourself. It does mean in order to care for others you have to first take care of yourself. Okay, I know… how cliche… Before you scoff and laugh in disbelief of this false reality I have created consider this… who will care in your place if you aren’t available? You are irreplaceable.

So, let me “say” it again.


Take this time to self-reflect and find your purpose.

Friends, do not allow fear to take hold. Live your life. Find joy.

Give yourself and others grace. 

It is an unimaginably difficult season and can only be overcome with patience and positivity.

With love,


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